This Sunday: Hope Balloons at The Grove!

Posted by on May 2, 2013 | 1 comment

hope-balloon-thumb-01Big news, big news!

This Sunday, May 5th, The Hope Chronicles will be at the Grove in LA from 9 AM – 1 PM for one of our most exciting events ever! We’ve partnered with Big Sunday on the biggest day of community service in America for our first ever Hope Balloon exchange.

The day will start with dozens of hopes from LA written on multi-colored balloons at our booth in front of Zara. Every visitor who comes by will be invited to write their hope on a balloon. Then, they’ll leave their balloon with us and select someone else’s Hope Balloon to take home with them.

DonateIt’s a “Take a Hope, Leave a Hope!” exchange, and it’s our fun way of giving our visitors a chance to listen to their neighbors and starting important conversations.

There will be dozens of other projects down there, too—from canned food drives to putting together care packages for LA’s low-income families. It’s an entire morning and afternoon filled with community-building activities!

So, come on down, bring some friends, have lunch at the Farmer’s Market, and be a part of spreading compassion through Los Angeles. Can’t wait to see you there. :-)

- Sam Lundquist
Founder and Community Listener

One Comment

  1. Hoping for an exciting and wonderful exchange of hopes on a special day in LA. Illinois will be thinking about you.

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