[e]speranza: The Adventure Begins!

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Forgive the brevity and potential wackiness of this blog entry. That’s just the jet lag, but I couldn’t wait to start share this all with you.

I’m finally here!!!! Occimiano, Italy! I honestly can’t believe it. After more than a year of planning, fundraising, and awesome creative work with my Italian teacher/student team, our Hope Gallery opens this coming Sunday. And I’m here helping to put all of the final pieces into place.

So quick rewind… What are we doing exactly? Since Fall 2012, students here in Italy have been asking hundreds of people in their communities about their deepest hopes for themselves, their friends, family, and the world. At the same time, students in South LA were doing the same. Fast forward to now, and we’re creating a Hope Gallery that showcases all those hopes—LA and Italy, side-by-side through student art—so the Italian communities here can understand and feel how what hope is like in two different corners of the world.

The team here has really been working hard over the last few weeks. Middle school students are sketching, drawing, and painting. High school students have been creating digital works of art. Flyers and brochures are going up in cafés and markets in the surrounding towns. We’ve been making signage. Here’s a quick sneak peek at some of the amazing work that’s being done.

BUT there’s a lot more to do. Every day this week, I’ll be sharing photos and hopefully some videos to show you how the gallery is coming along. Be sure to check here and on our Facebook page for the latest. Then, on Sunday, we’ll have some great updates from our Dedication Ceremony, and you’ll get to see the final product.

This is truly a dream come true! I never could have imagined a year ago that The Hope Chronicles would have made it all the way to a little village in Italy.

-Sam Lundquist
Founder, The Hope Chronicles



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