[e]speranza: Into the Villa!

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Hey Everyone!

Super quick update today. This morning, the students and I moved all of our materials from Occimiano Middle School into the 16th-century villa that will be our gallery’s home. Over the next few days, we’ll be working in their to get all of the materials in their final place before Sunday’s opening ceremony. We’re also developing some simple interactive elements that invite our guests to share their hopes inside of the gallery.

On the artistic side of things, we finished the Hope Chronicles sign that the students and our amazing art teacher put together. Plus, we completed the art panels that feature more than 50 hopes from students from several other local schools. We’ve been lucky to have collaborated not only with the Middle School, but the Primary and High Schools, too!

The villa itself was designed by the classroom here to be very natural and authentic to the Occimiano region. Because we’re in a rural area, we’re using hay bales all around the space to keep it feeling like home.

I snapped a few photos today, but we were so busy that I didn’t have time to get too many. Much more to come tomorrow. (Click below to enlarge)

That should do it! Just three days until [e]speranza opens to the public!

- Sam Lundquist
Founder, The Hope Chronicles

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