Hope, Hope, Hope in the Sky!

Hope flies high over Northern Italy.

In May 2012, after reading about The Hope Chronicles in D Magazine, a national Italian weekly, a middle school teacher in Northern Italy contacted us about doing an end-of-the-year project with her class. We sent her our basic Community Listening process and invited her and her 12-year-old students to dream up something wonderful.

And that they did.

The Hope Corner at Don Milani Middle School.

For the last few weeks of school, the class created a Hope Corner, where students and staff could write their hopes in a journal. Dozens of hopes were written, and the class spent time studying and reflecting during guided classroom discussion. Together, they selected sixteen hopes that best represented the school.

Finally, one morning at a special assembly in the school garden, the class surprised their entire school by attaching these hopes to balloons, which were then sent floating high into the sky above their town. The special event continued with a presentation by the students and live music from the school band.

The school will be continuing our partnership with a new project in Fall 2012.

We (my class and I) have developed your idea about hope, and we created something that touched other students and made us very happy and proud!
Sara F. Teacher, Don Milani Middle School

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