Our Hope Tree: Replanted

Our Hope Tree gets a new home.

After seeing our Hope Tree at a local festival, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Eagle Rock, California invited us to move the tree to their front patio, a perfect spot in the heart of the neighborhood.

On a Saturday with help from a team of volunteers and church parishioners, we re-strung each of the 350+ leaves with twine and hung them from the new tree. Plus, we added solar-powered twinkling lights to attract passersby. We also included two lanterns with more information about the project, along with blank leaves so local residents could add their own hopes to the tree.

Click here to download a PDF of founder Sam Lundquist’s homily.

At the following Sunday’s worship service, founder of The Hope Chronicles, Sam Lundquist gave a homily (sermon) about the project and the importance of hope. He also shared his own hope: that we never stop asking questions and learning about one another.

Following the service, a reception was held on the patio where Rector Fran Cantella officially blessed the tree.

The Hope Tree was on display for three months, from August through December 2012, before it was dismantled by the church.



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Everyone who has seen the tree is blown away by it. I am very happy to be a part of what you are doing!
Fran C. Rector, St. Barnabas

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