Hope Walk 2010

One question. 250 listeners. Thousands of conversations.

In May 2010, The Hope Chronicles partnered with a local church in Eagle Rock, California for our first ever Hope Walk, a day-long workshop designed to build compassion and understanding in the church. More than 250 young adults attended the event, and each became a Community Listener for the day.

The event began with a series of stories and training sessions about the Community Listening process. Then for three hours, our participants were sent out in groups to neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles to have conversations. In total, our Listeners spoke with with more than 1000 neighbors from all walks of life.

In the evening, participants shared stories of their experiences in discussion groups. A week later, every member of the church congregation received a single hope to take home and reflect upon.

A Hope Map from Urban Plunge 2010

In addition, all of the hopes were showcased online as videos, written statements, and an interactive Google map to easily search and browse.

For more stories and photos from our Hope Walk event, check out our project recap!



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The Hope Walk gets you out of your comfort zone. It begins to stir in you a desire to talk to strangers. It’s one of those things that I think will impact people in ways they may never know or may not know for some time.
Jill K. Director, Christian Assembly

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