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A quick note from our Community Listener Jenica:

I was in Cuba this past August, and I decided to ask a few people what they’re hoping for. It was really interesting to me to hear the variety of responses I got. I wonder how many people told me their real hopes, and how many were scared because they thought I might use their answers against them?

Anyway, here’s what I got (translated, obviously):

1. I hope to live until I’m 120 years old. – Luis Felipe

2. I hope to live in peace. – Yamy

3. I hope to live until I’m 140 years old. – A Waiter (didn’t even want to give his name)

4. I hope we continue to have health and peace. – Lucy

5. I hope that everything stays as it is and that there is prosperity. – Maxiel

6. I hope things change for us. I want more possibility and I want to go far away. Maybe to the US. – Malus

7. I want to go to the United States. – Lester

8. I want things to stay as they are. And I want health for my family. – Eugenio

9. I wish I could travel. To any place. What I would like most is to leave here just once. – Maria Victoria

10. I hope the world changes for the better–less war, better protection of the planet. – Barbara

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