A Foundation for Hope

Posted by on Apr 26, 2011 | 2 comments

Thank you to Jared from Rockford, Illinois who shared this “hope” with us last Friday.


A Foundation for Hope

Last night I dreamed with silly hope
That you would just with me elope
To somewhere warm with breezy air
To a world without a single care.

But then I guess what fun would that be?
No challenges for you or either for me,
With nothing to challenge our beautiful minds,
What would we do just the pass the time?

I’m sure you’d look great in your low rider jeans,
On the beach with a sunset in a beautiful scene,
Crooning some Jack Johnson to the wind,
The wind whipping your hair, the Sun tanning your skin.

But what would a little magic accomplish,
If at the end of the day you didn’t feel fulfilled,
There’s nothing wrong with fairy tales,
But you strive for something much more real.

Last night I dreamed and I’m sure I’ll do it again,
I doubt dreaming is at the top of the list of the sins,
As long as it’s a silly not a slippery slope,
I think dreams can build a foundation for hope.

— JC 2011


  1. Oh Jared, I love this. …dreams being a foundation for hope. Keep Dreaming World!

  2. You dear are an inspiration indeed!!!!

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