Our Community Listening Process

An invitation to listen. The core of The Hope Chronicles.

Each project that we create is driven by our Community Listening process, a four-step method for engaging communities and cultivating compassion. These simple guidelines easily adapt to fit the needs of any individual, organization, or community. By following this framework, we ensure the success of every Hope Chronicles project.


Hope Chronicles begins when participants are sent into a community to ask our question: “What do you hope for?” to friends, family, neighbors, and strangers. This might be a one-time or ongoing event.


  • Circulating a Hope Journal through a school.
  • Spending a weekend talking with strangers.
  • Creating a permanent community graffiti wall.


Our participants continue by listening — always with open hearts, minds, and ears — to the responses to our question. This might be a one-word answer or the beginning of a long conversation.


  • Reading through a Hope Journal.
  • Listening during a one-on-one conversation.
  • Viewing artistic expressions of hopes.


Participants then take time to reflect on what they have heard and “absorb” the hopes of the people in their community. This might be a self-guided process or a workshop led by a teacher or project leader.


  • A time of group discussion.
  • Personal meditation on the community’s hopes.
  • A curriculum of writing/artistic exercises.


Everyone is invited to share their experience with their community, including the hopes they heard and how they were changed. This may be a physical project or a special event.


  • A printed packet of community hopes.
  • An art installation for the neighborhood.
  • A written blog for our website.


Take a look at our projects to see our Community Listening Process in action!

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