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Italia-Usa, il viaggio della speranza
(Italy-USA, A Journey of Hope)
Il Monferrato (Italy) // August 28, 2012

“What do you hope for?” It’s a simple question, but behind it, you can discover complicated answers, from the welfare of society to desires or needs.


Occimiano e gli Usa uniti da gemellaggio fatto di speranze
(United States and Italy United by Sharing Their Hopes)
La Stampa (Italy) // August 25, 2012

“What do you hope for?” Starting from this question, hope becomes an antidote to disillusionment and apathy.

Speranza (Hope)
D Magazine Online, La Repubblica (Italy) // July 6, 2012From Los Angeles to Occimiano, Italy, near Alexandria, passing through D Magazine, the bright idea of Sam Lundquist has come a long way.
Dimmi In Che Cosa Speri (Tell Me What You Hope For)
D Magazine, La Repubblica (Italy) // April 14, 2012Un ventiseienne di Los Angeles ha raccolto gli straordinari “pensieri positivi” di gente comune. (A twenty-six year old in Los Angeles has raised the extraordinary “positive thoughts” of ordinary people.)
Sam Lundquist of Los Angeles Asks Us to Share Our Dreams in “Hope Chronicles”
LA Weekly // April 14, 2011If God had an inbox, it would read like this, filled to capacity with the white noise of hope.
“Hope Is Where The Heart Is”
Pasadena Weekly Cover Story // May 20, 2010The Hope Chronicles redefines the meaning of neighbor, starting with one simple question.
Chicago Tribune In Theory: What do you hope for?
Chicago Tribune // May 27, 2010Southern California religious leaders respond to the question: “What is your hope?”
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