Our Mission

What we do and why we love it.

The Hope Chronicles is dedicated to cultivating compassion through conversation.


We create Community Listening projects that invite individuals and organizations to listen to their neighbors respond to one question: “What do you hope for?” Then, they share those hopes and their own experience with the community through art and media. Through this process, the entire community grows in compassion and understanding, and they learn that everyone is worth listening to.


Where We Begin

Every person on the planet is important and good. No exceptions. Compassion grows inside of us when we recognize that and begin to see everyone around us as our true neighbor.

We believe that Hope is the deep place within us all that is wonderfully good. We ask our question so we can listen to that place. We share what we hear so you can listen, too.

Through our projects and our website, we want the Hope inside you to connect with the Hope inside another. When those two places meet, a place of caring opens up and compassion can’t help but grow. Only with compassion can we build strong communities and a more understanding world.


Our Hope

We hope that through our projects and events, we can help individuals and organizations grow in compassion to one another, paving the way for better, more understanding communities.

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