The Founder

Meet the man who started the movement.

Hi there!

My name is Sam Lundquist, and I’d like to personally say thank you for visiting The Hope Chronicles! I’m so excited that you’re here discovering our movement, and I truly hope you enjoy our work. Please make sure to read our blog, listen to hopes, and share your own — and we’d love for you to get involved, too!

You might be wondering where this all came from. Well, everything you’ll find here grew out of my own experience. For years, I found myself having the deepest conversations with strangers from everywhere — at bus stops, in lines, on planes, you name it. Each one of these conversations humbled me. Each taught me that everyone had something to say and everyone was worth listening to — all I needed was an understanding ear.

I found myself closer than ever before to my neighbors’ needs. My own compassion was growing, and I wanted a way for others to share this experience. Thus, The Hope Chronicles was born.

Oh, a little bit about me… For starters, I’m a West Coast transplant from Iowa trying to bring a little bit of the heartland to Los Angeles. I’m a 2007 graduate of the University of Southern California with degrees in Political Science and Broadcast Journalism from the Annenberg School of Journalism.

When I’m not exploring the people and places of Los Angeles (especially the food… yum!), you’ll probably find me watching
Fantasmic or riding the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

Sam Lundquist

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