"What do you hope for?"

A simple question that cultivates compassion through conversation.

Our Mission

We create Community Listening projects that invite people to listen to their neighbors’ hopes and share them with the community through art and media. Through this process, the whole community grows in compassion and understanding.


From neighborhoods in Los Angeles to schools in Italy, we are busy creating Community Listening projects all over the world that help cultivate compassion and build understanding.


We want to create Community Listeners all over the world. Whether its just you or a school, religious organization, or neighborhood group, find out how you can be a part of cultivating compassion in your community.

Listen to Hopes

Some Peace.

I hope for some peace. -Noah, 40 from “Here”

Love & Friendship

I hope for…love & friendship for KJ, 12 yrs old, Ankeny, IA, during the family...


"I hope for skilled teachers for my children at school" - Alisa, 40 from Longmeadow


"I just moved to a new town/college. I hope to make new friends today!" — @flyingboy9 on Twitter


I hope for the day when people won’t dictate humanity or kindness. - George, 23...


“I hope for…a happy, fulfilled, exciting future. I wish to have something...

Best Self.

“I hope for the opportunity each day that I can be the reason someone else is a...


“I hope for…every one to be equal.” —Chris, 12 from La Paz, Bolivia

A Hard Time

“I hope for… are economy to get better. Its hard cause when the economy went...


“I hope that my mom gets though these hard times. she has gone though a deforce and...


“I hope for a bik.” —Omar, 11 from Ankeny, Iowa


“I hope for… the whale wars crew to be safe. I also want to join them...

Carry On.

I hope for… … a life well lived, a life of dreams fufilled, a life that I can...

A Foundation for Hope

A Poem

Life Hurts

“I write quotes in a journal that I read when my life hurts. The one I read today...

Dream Act

“I hope for the Dream Act to pass for all immigrants can go to...

Love and Kindness

“I hope for LOVE and KINDNESS.” — Grace, 12 from Ankeny, Iowa

Big Sunday’s Spooky Saturday: “Knowing Neighbors”

How to build community.

Big Sunday’s Spooky Saturday: “OK Every Day”

A hope for special needs.

Big Sunday’s Spooky Saturday: “Star Trek and Animals”

Marriage and love in the final frontier.

Big Sunday’s Spooky Saturday: “Whatever I Can Do”

I hope to help the community.

Big Sunday’s Spooky Saturday: “Present and Thankful”

A thankful generation.

Big Sunday’s Spooky Saturday: “The End of the Day”

Hopes from "Friends"

All Mankind

“I hope for peace and love for all mankind.” — Randol, 12 from Aurora, CO

What We’re Going Through

“I hope for me and my family to have a better life then what we’re going...

My House

“I hope for my family to have a better life and to move into a better house and not...


“I hope for peace, love, respect, friends, and for not people to have wars be in...

Cuba Speaks

Ten stories from ten people in Cuba.

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